Protect Your Home While On Vacation
Posted Friday May 20, 2022 in Home Improvement

You’re all packed and ready for your trip, asked your neighbors to feed your pets, and are about to board the airplane. But before you get that far, make sure to take a few precautions that will protect your home on your vacation. This will put your mind at ease and will ensure that you […]

Buying A House With Solar Panels
Posted Friday May 13, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

Is buying a home with solar panels the right choice for you? Currently, solar power accounts for just 3.9 percent of total U.S. electricity generation, but that number is rapidly growing. Ultimately, there are a few things to consider when determining if the house you are shopping for should be equipped with solar panels or […]

5 Tips For A Successful Yard Sale
Posted Friday May 6, 2022 in Home Improvement

Seems like everyone is finding a way to make some extra cash these days. An easy one for anyone to start with is selling things taking up space in your house. There are many ways that you can get cash for your unwanted stuff but a good old-fashioned yard sale is still the best way. […]

Benefits Of Indoor Plants
Posted Friday April 29, 2022 in Home Improvement

Getting into the spring season has never been easier than running to your local nursery and picking up some healthy indoor plants. Whether it’s a small fern or a large spider plant, not only will you be sprucing up your home, you’ll also be more productive and possibly less stressed. Who doesn’t want that? Increases […]

Plan For Unexpected Repairs
Posted Friday April 22, 2022 in Home Improvement

No matter how diligent you are when it comes to fixing things around the house, you’ll eventually have unexpected maintenance issues pop up. While some of these may allow time for you to save up to repair them, some may need to be repaired immediately. Here are a few of the more common issues that […]

Tips To Save Energy In The Summer
Posted Friday April 15, 2022 in Home Improvement

In the last few years, the United States has experienced some of the hottest summers on record. Aside from being an ecological disaster, these hot summer days can also be a disaster for your wallet. With your AC running 24/7 all summer long, you can expect some of your highest electric bills of the year […]

Take Care Of These Home Repairs Sooner Rather Than Later
Posted Thursday March 31, 2022 in Home Improvement

If we’re all being honest, everyone has the tendancy to procrastinate once in a while. While some things in life can be left for another day without much consequence, there are things around your home that should be addressed as soon as they become evident. The last thing you’d want here is to allow the […]

Tips To Keep Your Bathroom Clean
Posted Thursday March 24, 2022 in Home Improvement

No matter how clean you keep your home, there are many places that are inevitably susceptible to dirt and bacteria. The bathroom, however, is where the most bacteria is made and where most health issues occur if it is not taken care of. Cleaning your bathroom with the right equipment on a daily basis is […]

Add Color To Your Walls With Wallpaper
Posted Thursday March 17, 2022 in Home Improvement

Including color to any room can be an unsettling task. You don’t want the wallpaper to be glaring, but you definitely don’t want the wallpaper to be boring. Wallpaper can benefit you by adding color without all of the hassle. It’s an effortless way to add personality to your space. It’s a great choice when […]

Keep It Clean With Natural Ingredients
Posted Thursday January 27, 2022 in Home Improvement

Home isn’t only where the heart is, it has now become where your whole world is. Due to the continuation of the spread of COVID-19 , more and more people are finding themselves still working, schooling and dining at home. That being the case, it has become even more important that we continually clean and […]

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