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Curb appeal has a major impact on the return you’ll see at resale. Among the top 10 home improvement projects with the highest return on investment (ROI) in Remodeling magazine’s newly-released Cost vs. Value Report, nine are outdoor projects.

Topping this year’s list is Manufactured Stone Veneer, a project that has consistently ranked toward the top of the list since the project was added to the report in 2015.

The report shows an increase in cost for all 22 projects listed, but there is also a consistent dip across the board in terms of what the perceived value of each of these projects is. Nationally, here are the 10 projects with the greatest ROI, according to the report:

Manufactured Stone Veneer (95.6% ROI)

Garage Door Replacement (94.5% ROI)

Minor Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) (77.6% ROI)

Siding Replacement (Fiber-Cement) (77.6% ROI)

Siding Replacement (Vinyl) (74.7% ROI)

Window Replacement (Vinyl) (72.3% ROI)

Deck Addition (Wood) (72.1% ROI)

Window Replacement (Wood) (68.9% ROI)

Entry Door Replacement (Steel) (68.8% ROI)

Deck Addition (Composite) (66.8% ROI)

Nationally—and on the other end of the spectrum—here are the 10 projects with the lowest ROI:

Master Suite Addition (Upscale) (51.6% ROI)

Grand Entrance (Fiberglass) (53.3% ROI)

Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale) (53.9% ROI)

Bathroom Addition (Midrange) (54% ROI)

Bathroom Addition (Upscale) (54.7% ROI)

Bath Remodel (Upscale) (56.6% ROI)

Master Suite Addition (Midrange) (58.5% ROI)

Major Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) (58.6% ROI)

Roofing Replacement (Metal) (61.2% ROI)

Bathroom Remodel (Universal Design) (62% ROI)

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