Why You Should Always Buy A Home With An Agent
Posted Friday September 2, 2022 in Real Estate

When it comes time to buy a home, working with a real estate agent can make a huge difference. It is easy to browse the internet for your next home, but working with an agent can make a huge difference when it comes time to actually purchase a home. Buyer’s agents will assist you in […]

Is It The Right Time To Buy Your First House?
Posted Friday August 19, 2022 in Real Estate

No one wants to buy at the top of the market, but it’s not clear whether the market has peaked—or if record-high home prices and fast-rising mortgage interest rates will continue ratcheting up even higher. Is this the right time to buy a house or should you put the search on hold? Should You Pause […]

Your Home’s Equity: How To Use It
Posted Saturday August 6, 2022 in Mortgage, Real Estate

Over the last five years, a surge in home prices has created substantial wealth for the middle class. According to the latest Homeowner Equity Insights from CoreLogic, the average homeowner’s equity has grown by $64,000 just over the last 12 months alone. Since there’s an ongoing imbalance between the number of homes available for sale […]

Is It Worth Painting Your House Before Selling It?
Posted Wednesday July 27, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

Refreshing the main interior walls with a coat of paint can make your home look fresh, new, and more attractive for showings and open houses. The right neutral color on the walls can also give the home a cohesive look and the appearance of more square footage. It May Be Needed If your walls haven’t […]

Find Out About Your Neighborhood Before Moving There
Posted Tuesday July 12, 2022 in Real Estate

Before committing to living in a neighborhood that you’re unfamiliar with, it is a good idea to research it thoroughly. Keeping that in mind, here are six ways you can research a neighborhood before you move in. Walkability To find out how walkable and convenient a neighborhood is, use a tool like Walk Score. If […]

Things To Bring For Your First Week In Your New Home
Posted Tuesday June 28, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

The process of moving into your first home can be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. Put aside these items before packing all your belongings into boxes so you will have everything you need the moment you arrive at your new home. Dishes and Utensils You will most likely wrap the breakable tableware into […]

Useful Home Features For Pet Owners
Posted Tuesday June 14, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

When looking for a new home, pets play a very important role in the decision making process. During the pandemic, more Americans have become pet owners, and they’re prioritizing their pets’ needs when looking for a home or rental. Now, more and more, pet owners say that they’d be willing to move to accommodate their […]

Get The Most Out Of Your House Tour
Posted Tuesday June 7, 2022 in Real Estate

The process of buying your first home can be exciting. Once you’ve found a home you’re interested in online, schedule a tour as soon as possible but don’t get caught up in the excitement or you may miss some important details about the house. Do some research and take notes Most of the time you’ll […]

Winning A Bidding War
Posted Tuesday May 31, 2022 in Real Estate

Knowing everything about real estate bidding wars can help you make an offer that sellers won’t refuse when the housing market is aggressive. Start with a real estate agent who specializes in your local market and puts finding you a home at the top of their list. Your agent can help you understand the differences […]

Buying A House With Solar Panels
Posted Friday May 13, 2022 in Home Improvement, Real Estate

Is buying a home with solar panels the right choice for you? Currently, solar power accounts for just 3.9 percent of total U.S. electricity generation, but that number is rapidly growing. Ultimately, there are a few things to consider when determining if the house you are shopping for should be equipped with solar panels or […]

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